Oils & Acrylics Art Course

This course has been divided into 15 Sections with 5 Main Categories.

5 Main Categories:
  • Setting Up:
    Sections 1 - 3

  • Hands On: 
    Sections 4 - 7

  • Art Overview:
    Sections 8 & 9 

  • Finishing Touches:
    Sections 10 & 11

  • The Big Picture:
    Sections 12 - 15

Also Inculded:

  • 254 Royalty Free Photos: 
    Subject matter from Dale's personal travels

  • 55 Valuable Crits:
    A wide selction of paintings with crits.

  • Surviving the Art World:
    An invaluable selection of notes and lectures by Dale.

  • Lectures and discussions on art
    Different approaches and opinions on the creative process

 Dale Elliott Ba LLB, AWSSA
practised as an attorney for a  decade before turning his art interest into his new profession in  1984,  and his wife Janny,  who studied art at school, has managed  and administered their wide art portfolio over the years,  establishing their first art gallery in 1979.

 Dale & Janny are leaders of the Painting Holiday concept in  Southern Africa, and they have conducted well over 150 courses  from their Knysna studios over the past 16 years. 

 Dale, who has completed in
  excess of 10000 canvases to date, is  an Associate of the Watercolour Society of South Africa, and his  work is represented in many collections locally and overseas.  He  is well known for the Commissions he undertakes, and he has  appeared on television a number of times on various art-related  programmes.

 I hope you will find this CD constructive and  informative, and I look forward to hearing any  comments you wish to pass on to me.


     Dale Elliott



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