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However, the various sections have been prepared, as far as possible, to be units on their own. One can therefore estimate from the titles and sub-titles whether that particular content is required for the moment.

There is a considerable amount of cross-pollenation between the sections, but basically the content can be summed up in the following groupings of sections:

Sections. 2 & 3
Sections 4, 5, 6, 10 & 12
Sections 1, 7, 8, 9, 11 & 13
Sections 1, 4 & 15

This CD programme has been designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced artists, with, hopefully, an abundance of input for all levels. there are hundreds of pages of text, steps, lectures and digressions, and over 1500 colour images in the project.


It is advised that you follow the flow of this CD section-by-section, to ensure you receive maximum benefit out of the course.

If you want to jump right in and begin painting, then I recommend you go to Section 2 and ensure you have right materials, then setup your studio as in Section 3, and then proceed to Section 4 and set out your colour palette and do the Introductory exercises. Now you ready to move on to Section 5 and review the mechanics behind my 10 Step-by-Step approach to Oils & Acrylics. Once you have completed this do the first Step-by-Step example.

Beginners Quick-Start: 

  • Section 2:
  • Section 3: 
    Studio Setup
  • Section 4:
    Initial Exercises 
  • Section 5:
  • Section 7:
    Tools & Rules

Section 1 - Introduction
Dale's Introduction to the exciting world of WaterColours painting
Section 2 - Materials
Winsor & Newton / Faber-Castell Story! - Materials and Accessories
Section 3 - Studio Set-up
Setting up the Studio is an important part of the whole proccess

Section 4 - Initial Exercises
The first adventure - introductory exercises & palette layout
Section 5 - Painting Steps ( ACTIVE )
Dale's acclaimed Step-by-Step approach with WaterColours
Section 6 - Special Techniques
Pushing the boundaries - some special & serendipitous techniques
Section 7 - Some Tools & Rules
Quick-fix to some common problems - composition, perspective, colour theory, distance-illusion tools etc.

Section 8 - Dale's Art Journey through 55 paintings
An analytical look at 55 paintings by Dale - with life's comments and art-related digressions
Section 9 - Art Appreciation
Art appreciation - some thoughts on content & technique

Section 10 - Completing the painting
Add value! Completing, recording, pricing, and presentation
Section 11 - Survival Tips
10 Ways to Survive & Thrive the Art World - Dale's motivations

Section 12 - Subject - Matter ( ACTIVE )
254 royalty Free Photo's - From Dale's personal painting travels
Section 13 - Outdoor Painting
The great outdoor challenge! Dale's experiences painting on location
Section 14 - The Art World of Dale & Janny Elliott
Painting Holidays / Gallery / Commissions / Videos / C.V.
Section 15 - Conditions of use, Indemnity, Contact Details ( ACTIVE )
Copyright, Indemnities, Addresses etc.

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